HKR 043: Kyle Moran (NASM Certified Professional Trainer)

This week Steven sits down with Kyle Moran. Kyle is now a certified personal trainer through NASM and 10th Planet Chicago jiu jitsu blue belt.

Kyle digs deep into what his course required for completion and listed below are his talking points in this episode:

-The importance of setting goals and achieving them.

-Having world renown strength coaches to learn from.

-The importance of push and pull supersets.

-Adding his own creativity to a certification structure to find balance.

-Training athletes from multiple different sports.

-The importance of recovery.

-Holding off on your morning coffee for at least two hours after waking up.

-Breathing for recovery to control heart rate.

-Nutrition being a major factor in recovery.

-How to correct your body posture from your day job or day to day life.

-Doing recovery during your gym workouts.

-Removing blue light before sleep to help aid in better sleep.


The guys finish up the episode with two Hype or Not Hype questions.


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