HKR 040: Hype or Not Hype?

Steven and Dean sit down this week and debut a new segment called “Hype or Not Hype!” The three listener questions for it this week are: Is “Combat Jiu Jitsu” Hype or Not Hype? Is “Meatloaf” Hype or Not Hype? Are “Blind Dates” Hype or Not Hype?

The guys express their opinion on gender pronouns and Dean tells us a quick story about almost fighting three dudes in a truck for almost running over an old lady. Ole Dan finally does the math to find out how old his mom really is! Dean gives the listeners an in-depth whisky review of West Cork whisky. Steven talks Gordon Ryan’s new guard passing dvd and what blew his mind after watching a couple of hours of it. The guys finish off the episode talking about the John Wayne allegations and Dean goes off on his weekly rant, followed by Steven doing a rant.

Thank you all for listening, please rate, review, and subscribe. Have a great week!


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