HKR 033: Brad Springfield (Army Veteran & Jiu Jitsu Blue Belt)

To end the year of 2018 Steven sits down with Brad Springfield. Brad is a Army Veteran and two stripe Blue Belt under former UFC fighter Travis Lutter. Brad talks about starting jiu jitsu at a later age after enlisting his son Ethan in jiu jitsu. The guy’s talk jiu jitsu mindset and how it has helped them overcome trials and tribulations in their lives. Jiu jitsu has rough patches along a journey and can leave you to questioning why you continue to do it, and the guy’s let you in on “why” they continue to do it and who has helped keep them from quitting. Brad answers the segment question of who outside of his gym is his favorite jiu jitsu practitioner to watch.


Quick word from Steven- “I can’t thank Brad Springfield enough for the encouragement to start jiu jitsu three years ago. If it was not for him spending time over the phone talking me into giving jiu jitsu an honest try again as an adult, this journey I am on in life and doing this podcast would never have happened. I would have never met Josh Passini who took over as one of my biggest role models and I would have never met so many great people that train jiu jitsu or other forms of martial arts. Brad thank you for always being there when times get tough and thank you for the continued support in life!”

Family Photo: (from left to right to bottom) Connor Owen, Ethan Springfield, Brad Springfield, Scott Springfield, Joe Springfield, Steven Dudley, Mary Springfield, Logan Springfield.

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