Do You Supplement With A Multivitamin?

What do you use to keep your meat vehicle running optimally? I am a big believer in supplementing vitamins in place of not always eating correctly. As perfect as we try to be in our lives it is a difficult task to eat everything you should in a given day. 

I have taken a few different multivitamins over the past decade and needless to say I have wasted a lot of money on vitamins that did not work for me. Over the past couple of years I really cracked down to find which brands and what vitamins really worked for me.

Ten years ago when I decided to take care of my body a little better I went to a GNC store and picked up a multivitamin that store clerk told me was “the best multivitamin in the world.” I took the clerk for his word and consumed these vitamins daily. I noticed that my urine was always a neon greenish yellow color after I took the vitamins.

Photo Credit: Steven Dudley

Over the next few years I took other brands of multivitamins with little satisfaction. I still noticed that I was excreting a lot of those vitamins every time I used the restroom. That ended the day I found Metagenics Multigenics! In the summer of 2015 my chiropractor friend told me about this company and she gave me a bottle to tryout.

The first thing I noticed was that I did not excrete an alien looking stream when using the restroom. Then after a couple of weeks of continued use I started to notice a difference in my energy and health. It wasn’t anything crazy like I all of a sudden had a ton more energy or anything, it was more like I ate a delicious salad and felt energized.

Photo Credit: Steven Dudley

I have taken these multivitamins now consistently for over three years, rarely missing a day until recently. I let myself run out of my Metagenics multivitamin and saw that I still had a few GNC multivitamins left from earlier this year when a friend left some at my house. He obviously wasn’t going to need these, so I took one. Within a few hours the alien urine was back… I quickly had an order of Metagenics vitamins sent my way!

The only downfall of the Metagenics brand that I notice is the high price of the vitamins, but to be honest what vitamins aren’t pricey that you would swear by.

If you have a favorite multivitamin or brand of vitamins that you use please drop a recommendation down in the comment section at the bottom of the page. Leave a review on them whether it is good or bad, and also let me know if you have ever tried Metagenics vitamins.

Until next time, cheers!

*Disclosure: I was not paid for this review, just a big fan of Metagenics vitamins*
Written By Steven Dudley

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