HKR 028: Stan Myaskovskiy & Josh Passini (Gym Owners and Head Instructors)

On this episode we have Stan Myaskovskiy and Josh Passini. Stan is the head instructor and owner of Keweenaw Jiu-Jitsu Academy in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. Josh is the head instructor and owner of 10th Planet Chicago. Stan is a purple belt under Josh and has been training for around eight years. Josh and Stan tell the listeners how they started their academy’s. Stan talks about his jiu jitsu promotion Check Mate Submission Only (be sure to checkout his tournament if you are interested). The group talks about combat jiu jitsu, jiu jitsu lineage, diets, fishing, the great outdoors, competing in the gi, and much more. Be sure to listen to the end where there is a lot of knowledge dropped by Stan and Josh. After the exit music is small blooper where Steven totally messes up Stan’s name and school name, so be sure to listen for a good laugh (apologies to Stan). Thank you for tuning in and please rate, subscribe on iTunes or in your podcast app.


Question from the podcast: Is the term “grappling dummy” politically correct or incorrect? Let us know on social media!


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