UFC’s Chas Skelly Is Showing What Good Sportsmanship Is All About!

Chas states he wants to appeal referee Tim Mills decision of a submission loss to competitor Bobby Moffett during last Saturday nights UFC event in Denver, Colorado. Chas is hoping to get the decision overturned to a no contest, but wants a guarantee that if he appeals the decision Bobby Moffett will get to keep his win bonus.

The decision holds a lot of controversy where Chas say’s he did not tap and was still conscious when the referee stopped the fight, but fans still chimed in with their thoughts.

Chas was quick to reply with what he was told in the locker room before the fight.

Although Chas is disappointed in the result he is gaining some new fans by his approach of trying to protect Bobby’s money.

I am also a fan of what Chas is doing. Protecting another fighters money in a sport where it is more difficult to make a living out of is a good move, and other fighters should be following his lead.

But let’s not forget that all fans are on board with Chas and his thoughts about the decision or Bobby keeping his money.

This just goes to show that not everyone takes in to consideration good sportsmanship and compassion for someone else’s well being. So I will say good for you Chas Skelly and we will see how this plays out with the Colorado Athletic Commission if Chas decides to appeal.

Chime in below or on social media with your thoughts on this topic.

written by Steven Dudley



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