UFC Planning On Eliminating the Flyweight Division!


UFC’s former flyweight (125 pounds) contender Jose “Shorty” Torres announced on November 7th that the UFC let him go and he will not finish out his contract with them.

Jose also stated in the video that since he was vocal about things when the UFC traded Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson for Ben Askren and is 1-1 in the UFC he was one of the first flyweights to be let go. Some of the other flyweights will get a chance to move up to Bantamweight (135 pounds) to compete.

The flyweights moving up or being cut have yet to be announced by the UFC.

Flocombat is the first to break the news and you can find more from them here on this story. Feel free to chime in on social media at Head Kick Radio or down below in the comment section and let us know what your thoughts are on the UFC eliminating the Flyweight division.


Written By Steven Dudley

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