Behind The Curtain At Head Kick Radio


Written by Steven Dudley

I have been asked by a few people recently what is it like doing a podcast, writing a blog, or building a brand? To answer those questions honestly is tough because everyone wants to know them for different reasons, but the answers I try to give are the virtually same. For me personally I am doing something I love and I want to bring value to as many peoples lives as possible. Below I hope to answer some of those questions asked, as well as giving you a behind the scenes look at the Head Kick Radio Dojo!

Perhaps you are interested in starting a podcast or blog yourself and wonder if you need a big elaborate set up? My answer to that is no. All you need is a little space and some equipment.

Head Kick Radio Podcast Setup. Photo Credit: Steven Dudley

My setup is simple or it is to me at least. I have my Behringer mixer, audio interface, laptop, microphones, and xlr cables to hook the microphones up to the mixer. Those are my essentials for operating a quality podcast. I also have extra stuff to make the podcast feel more like the real deal, things such as adjustable microphone stands, head phone adapters so everyone on air can hear themselves talking, and decorations for the podcasting table. You could do a podcast setup with a lot less equipment if you really wanted to or to just save some money in the beginning. Also, I use GarageBand to record my audio tracks, which is a free app for the MacBook Pro. The hosting site I use to upload my content on is Libsyn, which Libsyn from there distributes to all the platforms Head Kick Radio can be found on. 

The podcasting table is also where I write all of my blogs, so this space is the place where I get all my work done. When I sit down in my podcasting chair I know that it is time to do work and chase dreams, whether that is blogs, homework, scheduling, or podcasting.

The most challenging part for myself wasn’t the initial costs for equipment, it is the consistency of finding guests that are willing to jump on the podcast or answer questions for the blog. You really have to be willing to put yourself out there and make yourself a little vulnerable. The thought of that alone scares most of us including myself. Once you get enough courage to give it a go the reward of interacting with people you admire is very much worth the initial nerves. 

Steven Dudley (left) and guest Juan Orozco (right) chatting on episode 20 of Head Kick Radio. Photo Credit: Sali Leonhart

My advice to those wondering what to do is just find a little space in the place you live and create a little work studio. Create a designated place that when you go to it you know you need to do work. Take care of that space and respect it, don’t let it get dirty or unfit for its duty. Make it a positive place in your house and in your mind.

Once you have checked those things listed above off your list and are wondering what you should do next? Well there is still a lot to do if you want to grow your brand. You will need to create a social media presence for yourself or brand (assuming you already created a name and logo), schedule guests, come up with the topics you want to talk or write about, and most importantly keep a calendar to stay consistent. 

How I come up with my topics? I usually watch the trends of what is going on in mma, jiu jitsu, boxing, etc… and hit the hot topics that everyone is talking about. As for finding guests I usually see when people are available or if they have something coming up they want to do a some personal PR (public relations) for. That way you help someone and they help you in return, both mutually adding value to each other. Also, have plans set in stone on a calendar for when you’re going to add the next puzzle piece to grow your brand. An example of that for me is by January 15, 2019 I want to have the HKR podcast on video, followed by a vlog series no later than June 1, 2019 for some more behind the scenes content.

Hopefully I answered some questions for you all and gave you a little insight of what goes on behind the scenes here at the Head Kick Radio Dojo. If you want to see more behind the scenes or have any questions then hit me up at or through social media.

Until next time friends, cheers!

When the podcast is on the go! Also the Head Kick Radio workspace for blogs, scheduling, etc. Photo Credit: Steven Dudley

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