HKR Ep. 14 IS UP! But Not On YouTube…

What is up HKR listeners! Steven and Justin are back at it again this week talking exercising, morning routines, tattoos, and ear piercings. One problem occurred this week and that is that the episode did not upload to YouTube… Steven has been working on getting it up but has experienced some computer failure… Such is life and hoping things get resolved quickly!


Show Description:

Join Steven and Justin as they chop it up about exercising and tattoos. Steven talks about his morning routine and how he works out everyday, while Justin talks about his trouble to consistently make it to the gym. The guy’s answer, as well as ask you listener’s the question of the week: What is something you wish you were doing in your life currently that you are not? Let us know your answer on social media (Instagram & Twitter) or slide in to Steven’s DM’s on Facebook to answer the question. Have a great week and chase your goals HKR listeners! 






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